Part 4 – What effects can bioaerosols have on your health?

Introducing students to the respiratory and immune systems, health outcomes from exposure to bioaerosols. The objectives are grouped according to Key Stages in the UK National Curriculum and are also internationally relevant.

KEY STAGES 1-2 (AGE 5-11)

Students will be able to:
• Identify the key features of the respiratory system
• Identify negative and positive health effects of bioaerosols
• Understand the difference between harzard and risk

KEY STAGES 3-4 (AGE 11-16)

Students will complete all learning outcomes for Ks1-2 and be able to:
• Explain the terms “exposure” and “risk”
• Understand how risk and exposure can lead to a health outcome
• List pre-existing health conditions that make a person ‘at risk’ (i.e. asthma)

Teacher Resource sheet

PPT presentation: Basic immune functions of the respiratory system

Key terms Session 1 The respiratory system

Watch out this video on health effects of bioaerosols

ppt presentation – Health outcomes from exposure to bioaerosols

Key terms Session 2 – Health outcomes from exposures to bioaerosols

ppt – What is the purpose of epidemiology?