BioAirNet aim

The aim of BioAirNet is to act as the leading voice for the UK BioPM science community by taking a transdisciplinary approach to understand the complexity and connectivity among people, BioPM exposure and resultant health impacts and the indoor-outdoor continuum.

BioAirNet aspire to achieve the following objectives:

To coordinate, widen and inform community interactions across academic, business and other community-based stakeholders by signing up 200 active members over the three years and more beyond.

To promote discovery science that underpins pressing scientific questions on the indoor/outdoor air bioexposome and impacts on health, and provide a unique opportunity for in-depth cross fertilisation of knowledge and cross-disciplinary collaboration.

To attract and stimulate the next generation of academic leaders by providing leadership opportunities within the network and helping early career researchers (ECR) to engage with community stakeholders.;

To develop effective engagement pathways with all stakeholder groups through collaborative research projects and knowledge exchange activities.

To translate the knowledge of the network beyond the UK to countries with key expertise in relevant areas and to DAC target regions where the UK is making substantial investment in finding solutions to intractable environmental problems.

BioAirNet will employ a range of activities and dissemination mechanisms to achieve objectives. These include; outreach, annual stakeholders network events, theme group meetings producing guidance, roadmaps and policy documents, joint events with other Air Networks, sandpit workshops, exchanges and short-term industrial placement for ECRs, cross-disciplinary skills training and annual ECR events.

Our themes
Theme 1: BioPM sources and dynamics at the indoor/outdoor environments  – Chairs: Prof Ian Colbeck and Prof Sean Tyrrel
Theme 2 BioPM sampling and characterisation – Chairs: Dr Corinne Whitby and Prof Frederic Coulon
Theme 3: Human Health, behaviour and wellbeing Chairs: Dr Philippa Douglas, Prof Simon Jackson, Prof Kamaldeep Bhui and Dr Emma Marczylo
Theme 4: Policy and Public Engagement – Chairs: Dr Gill Drew, Prof Mark Lemon and Dr Andrew Mitchell