Part 5 – How can we help mitigate the risks?

Introducing students to mitigating the risks from potentially harmful bioaerosols. Students will recap how exposure could lead to adverse health outcomes in some populations, and learn how we can use
certain tools to mitigate these risks. The objectives are grouped according to Key Stages in the UK National Curriculum and are also internationally relevant.

KEY STAGES 1-2 (AGE 5-11)

Students will be able to:
• Identify two wyas to reduce exposure to potentially harmful bioaerosols
• Describe at least one way to communicate the risks of bioaerosols to others

KEY STAGES 3-4 (AGE 11-16)

Students will complete all learning outcomes for Ks1-2 and be able to:
• Explain the terms “mitigation” and “risk reduction”
• Identify the sources, pathways and receptors in an exposure scenario

Teacher Resource sheet

PPT presentation: What is hazard, risk and exposure?

ppt presentation – The source-Pathway-receptor model

ppt – Using communication to reduce risk