BioAirNet Annual Conference (9th May 2022)

BioAirNet Annual Conference – Cranfield Management Development Centre (Cranfield University) – 9 May  2022 (9:30 – 16:00 GMT)

BioAirNet is organizing an annual conference focusing on biological particulate matter and air quality. 

The annual conference will provide you with an overview of the BioAirNet activities achieved to date along with presentations from invited speakers and stakeholders’ workshops involving academia, industry and regulators. Topics will include BioPM measurements, challenges and opportunities, research and data needs on exposure and health impacts along possible interventions, public communication and regulatory landscape. 

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We are pleased to confirm that we are able to support travel for Early Career Researchers that are UK-based BioAirNet member to attend this event.

We hope you will be able to join us and look forward to meeting you.

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Session 1

9:30Registration and Coffee 
10:00Welcome and overview of BioAirNet Frederic Coulon (Cranfield)
10:10Summary updates (activities/outputs form BioAirNet themes)BioAirNet Co-Is
11:00Break & Coffee

Session 2

11:15Airborne infectious disease transmission in the built environmentsZhiwen Luo (Reading)
11:40The big picture of microorganisms at large public gatheringsRupy Matharu (UCL)
12:05Data analytics approaches to advance UV-LIF based bioaerosols detection and classificationIan Crawford (Manchester)
12:35The effects of microplastics on respiratory virus induced inflammatory responses in a new model of lung alveolar macrophages Gyorgy Fejer  (Plymouth)
13:00Lunch break

Session 3

14:00Workshops introduction (Plenary)Gill Drew (Cranfield) Zaheer Nasar (Cranfield) Orla Hennessy (Cranfield) Natasha Dias (Cranfield)
14:15Workshops on communication, perception and policy related to risks of BioPMAndrew Mitchell (DMU) Mark Lemon (DMU) Gill Drew (Cranfield) Zaheer Nasar (Cranfield)
15:30Workshops debriefAndrew Mitchell (DMU) Mark Lemon (DMU) Gill Drew (Cranfield) Zaheer Nasar (Cranfield)
15:50Closing RemarksFrederic Coulon (Cranfield)
16:00End of the Conference