BioAirNet workshops – Assessment of bioaerosol exposures and their associated health impacts

BioAitNet is organising a series of three virtual workshops on the topic of assessment of bioaerosol exposures and their associated health impacts

We are looking for people with expertise in bioaerosol exposure assessment and/or measurement of the biological responses or health outcomes resulting from bioaerosol exposures. We hope to gather a small but strong working community of practice that spans disciplines and locations so that we can use our expertise to identify where the knowledge gaps are and how we might start to address these.

We intend to create a collaborative position paper on the assessment of bioaerosol exposures and their associated health impacts. You will be invited to contribute to this paper as a named author.

Workshop Aims

The main aim of this series of virtual workshops is to bring together expertise globally to co-author a position paper and identify ways that we could work together in the future. This could include knowledge mobilisation, sharing of skills, samples and/or data, and future joint grant applications and papers.

Workshop Format

The workshops will be professionally facilitated by Christine Bell and Dan Andrews using a combination of Zoom for discussions and Mural as the digital whiteboard so that we can share and build on ideas during and after the workshops.

The three workshops are sequential, and we would hope that you can attend all three, in full (or part) so that you can build on the contributions and continue the threads of conversation. We also have a brief overview session

  • 1st Sept: Briefing Session (13.00 – 14.00 UTC +1): a short session to find out more about the network, start networking and get hands on experience of the digital platforms – this will be recorded
  • 14th Sept: Good Practice in the assessment of bioaerosol exposures and their associated health impacts – sharing and building from our current experiences
  • 19th Sept: Agreeing the main challenges that we need to focus on to bridge the gap between current reality and our good practice ideals
  • 22nd Sept: Practical session to consolidate the work and shape the content of our proposed position paper

Workshop Timings

The workshops will begin at 11.00 (UTC+1) and close at 14.00 (UTC+1) with a 30 minute break and will be interactive throughout, enabling us to become a focused community of expert practitioners/researchers in this field.

To register your interest, please complete this Zoom registration form. There are limited places and we do want to ensure a good mix of disciplinary and locational backgrounds.

Register in advance for the workshops

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing your Zoom meeting link.