TRANSITION Clean Air Network – BioAirNet Discovery and Innovation Grant project – Dr Abhishek Tiwary

Project: Efficacy evaluation of an air handling system (ENHANCE) in mitigating aerosol exposure in enclosed spaces at a transport hub

Outcome: The project demonstrated that the ENHANCE system can offer a robust, continuous intervention for simultaneously reducing both air pollution and pathogen loading, with PM2.5 reduction potential of over 97% and TVOC of up to 95%. Based on the efficacy evaluations, the system is deemed suitable for its deployment in a transport environment to reduce exposure in a constrained space, such as waiting lounge and lifts. We reckon full-scale deployment of the ENHANCE system in such locations would serve two-fold purpose – first, provide a control measure in any future pandemic preparation; second, offer an active health intervention at public transport facilities, specifically alleviating the health risk posed from air pollution and pathogen exposure to vulnerable population, who tend to use these facilities more frequently.

Project Report can be accessed here