Theme 4 workshop: Policy and public engagement

Friday 12 March – 10:00 – 12:30 (GMT)

BioAirNet is organising a stakeholders workshop on policy and public engagement, covering communication of evidence for healthy environments. The event will  focus on the range of issues identified by participants, how best to communicate these and subsequently how to embed the findings into a roadmap for legislation and improved practice. 

We are keen to involve participants from diverse background and interest advancing our understanding  of the public perception of BioPM risk and engagement with wider practitioners and stakeholders to gauge their  requirements and feedback to policy.

Workshop agenda (All times in GMT)

10:00Introduction to BioAirNet Theme 4 and workshop objectivesGill Drew (Cranfield University)
10:15Break out 1: How are BioPM relevant to you in your role and what issues arise out of this? 
10:40Overview of inhaled allergensCatherine Sutton (Airborne Allergy Action)
11:00Break out 2: How do we communicate to practitioners and the wider community?
11:25Engagement and communication in support of improved regulationRob Kinnersley (Environment Agency)
11:45Break out 3: What further activities should be part of this Theme?  How would you like to engage with the Network?
12:10Wrap up and future directionsMark Lemon (DeMontfort University)
12:30End of the workshop