Theme 2 workshop: Biological Particulate Matter Sampling and Characterisation

First thematic BioAirNet workshop – Biological Particulate Matter Sampling and Characterisation (Theme 2)

03 February 2021, 13:30-15:30 (GMT)

BioAirNet is organising the first thematic workshop on Biological Particulate Matter (BioPM) sampling and characterisation theme. The event will primarily focused on exploring the knowledge gaps along with barriers and opportunities for sampling, detection and characterisation of BioPM in different indoor-outdoor scenarios.

During the interactive online session you will hear from leaders in BioPM sampling and analysis discipline and requirement from industry and regulators, offering diverse perspectives to facilitate the translation of advances in fundamental science into technological solutions.

We are keen to involve participants from diverse background and interest advancing our understanding of the factors that shape and support healthy natural and built environments with a key focus on BioPM.

Workshop agenda

13.30Introduction to BioAirNet Theme 2 and workshop objectives Frederic Coulon (Cranfield University)
13:40Recent advances on BioPM sampling techniques and characterisationCarla Viegas
(Lisbon School of Health Technology /Polytechnic Institute of Lisbon)
Recording of the workshop available here
14:00What do we need for bioaerosol sampling techniques standardisation? And how novel techniques can assist BioPM regulation? Rob Kinnersley
(Air, Land and Water Research Group, Environment Agency,  UK)
14:15   Interactive discussion sessions with participants in order to identify and provide recommendation for priority research areas around this thematic.Frederic Coulon, Zaheer Nasar
(Cranfield University)   Corinne Whitby (University of Essex)
15:15Wrap up and future direction Frederic Coulon (Cranfield University)
15:30End of the workshop