Indoor / Outdoor Bioaerosols Interface and Relationships Network (BioAirNet)

Launch Event 11 December 2020, 10:00-14:30


Part 1: BioAirNet network overview (Biological particulate matter at the indoor/outdoor interface)
10:00Introduction to BioAirNetFrederic Coulon (Cranfield)
10:10BioPM sources and dynamics at the indoor/outdoor (Theme 1)Ian Colbeck and Sean Tyrrel (Essex/Cranfield)
10:20BioPM sampling and characterisation (Theme 2)Corinne Whitby (Essex)
10:30Human health, behaviour and wellbeing (Theme 3)Simon Jackson (Plymouth)
10:40Policy and public engagement (Theme 4)Mark Lemon (De Montfort)

Part 2: Existing work and Stakeholder perspectives
11:00Air quality and public health challengesPrashant Kumar (Surrey)
11:20Overview on inhaled allergensCatherine Sutton (Airborne allergy action)
11:40Biological Particle Matter and health effectsFlemming Cassee (RIVM)
12:00Bioaerosols and design for new build housingYann Bomken (OneNinety Manufacturing)
12:20BSI committee EH/002/05 Emissions to internal environmentsDerrick Crump (Chair of BSI committee EH2/5)
12:40EA R&D and regulations on bioaerosolsRob Kinnersley (EA)
13:00Lunch break

Part 3: Getting involved with BioAirNet and next steps
13:30How could you get involved with BioAirNet?Frederic Coulon (Cranfield)
13:45Group discussion on how you would like to work with us and your thoughts on how to make the network successful via Chat or ‘Holding up’ your handZaheer Nasar (Cranfield)
14:15Wrap upFrederic Coulon (Cranfield)
14:30End of the workshop